NHS promotes National Food Safety Week in Wakefield


South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is promoting National Food Safety Week next week by setting up information stands and giving hand washing sessions for staff at Fieldhead on Ouchthorpe Lane in Wakefield.

National Food Safety Week – an annual event that highlights the importance of food safety and the basic principles of food hygiene – will run from 15th to 21st June.

This year’s UK-wide campaign will raise awareness of good food hygiene practice by educating people on the importance of the 4 C’s (Cleaning, Cooking, Chilling and avoiding Cross-contamination).

The stands on display at Fieldhead will show information on the four C’s and include tips on safe food practice. The hand washing demonstrations will give staff the opportunity to learn about effective hand washing.

Many people fail to wash and dry their hands properly despite the fact that: • If you wear a ring there could be as many germs under it as there are people in Europe. Millions of germs can also hide under watches and bracelets. • A single 1mm hair follicle can harbour 50,000 germs. • 1,000 times as many germs spread from damp hands than dry hands.

Food hygiene trainer Janet Marsh said, "Cross contamination is the main focus of this year’s campaign and we are encouraging people to take note of basic guidelines when dealing with food. This includes making sure their hands are washed thoroughly, and that they do not use the same chopping board for raw and ready to eat foods. High standards of food hygiene practice are essential for the well being of people who use our services, the peace of mind of families, the confidence of our organisation and the motivation of staff."

For further information on National Food Safety Week visit www.food.gov.uk.

NHS promotes National Food Safety Week in Wakefield

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