Mental health services at St Luke’s hospital are moving in December


The mental health services provided at St Luke’s Hospital will move to new and alternative facilities in December.

The decision to move services from the St Luke’s site was taken following a formal public consultation in 2006. South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust has leased space on the St Luke’s site to provide inpatient beds for adults and older people and as a base for clinical and non-clinical services.

The moves will see community services provided from Folly Hall Mill just outside the town centre, inpatient services for adults provided at the Dales Unit in Halifax and inpatient services for older people provided at the Priestley Unit in Dewsbury. The inpatient moves are an interim solution to allow the moves from St Luke’s to take place before the end of the calendar year in line with agreed plans.

Service users, carers and staff who are affected by the moves are aware of the plans and many have been involved in preparing for the moves.

Alex Farrell, the Trust’s acting chief executive said, "The vast majority of our contact with service users (approximately 98%) now takes place in the community and in people’s own homes. The new facilities at Folly Hall reflect this shift. By refurbishing facilities at the Dales and Priestley Units, we are also able to offer a much improved environment for those people who need hospital care. We are also offering help with travel arrangements for people visiting families and friends in hospital. "

For further information about the move of services from St Luke’s hospital, contact the Trust’s customer services team on 0800 587 2108 or email or visit the Trust’s website

Mental health services at St Luke’s hospital are moving in December

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