Survey results reveal Trust investing in staff


The results of a national NHS survey have revealed that staff who work for South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust receive more training, learning and development to help them provide high quality care, than other NHS colleagues in similar organisations.

As part of the National 2010 NHS Staff Survey, around 265,000 NHS staff across the country gave their opinions. The results, published by the Care Quality Commission provide NHS trusts with the information they need to improve workplaces for staff.

The results for South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, which covers Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield, were compared to similar organisations across the country and came out in the top 20% for the following areas:

Training, learning and development – 8 out of 10 staff (83%) said they had received training, learning and development in the last 12 months that helped them do their job better.

Work related stress – Almost a third of staff (28%) said they had experienced work related stress. Whilst this is (3%) lower than the national average for similar trusts, and so one of the best scores in the country, the Trust is fully committed to continuing to bring this figure down and support staff in the workplace.

Staff intention to leave their job – staff were asked to assess the extent to which they were considering leaving the Trust and looking for a new job. The Trust’s score was, statistically, one of the best in the country.

Reporting errors/near misses or incidents – 99% of our staff who had witnessed an error, near miss or incident in the last month said they, or a colleague reported it.

The Trust’s scores were also deemed to better than average in the following areas:

•Staff job satisfaction – staff were asked questions about how satisfied they are with various aspects of their job and they were more positive than colleagues in similar organisations and were also more likely to recommend the Trust as a place to work or receive treatment •87% of staff have received health and safety training •68% of staff feel able to contribute towards improvements at work •43% of staff have had well structured appraisals, a significant increase from 29% in the previous year’s survey •92% of staff feel that the Trust acts fairly with regarding to career progression/promotion

However, there were some results that indicate a need for improvement, where the Trust’s results were lower than the average for similar organisations, such as:

•16% of staff had experienced physical violence from patients, the public or staff and 2% reported experiencing violence from other staff •79% of staff felt valued by their work colleagues •89% of staff said that their role makes a difference to patients, though this is just 1% lower than the national average •71% of staff said they have been appraised with a personal development plans in the last 12 months, though this is a big increase on 52% from last year

Speaking about the results of the survey, Ashley Hambling, HR Manager for the Trust said, "The national NHS staff survey allows us to see where we are doing well alongside which areas need to improve. We are fully committed to ensuring staff remain well informed, engaged, supported and have the skills and competencies to deliver the quality of service required to achieve improved outcomes.”

Survey results reveal Trust investing in staff

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