Emmerdale’s Jimmy King to visit Barnsley health service


Emmerdale actor Nick Miles will be paying a visit to Barnsley’s Community Rehabilitation and Respite Unit (CRRU) on Tuesday 17 May as part of events to mark national Action for Brain Injury week.

Nick, whose character in the soap, Jimmy King, has recently suffered a head injury which has caused amnesia, will be guest of honour at a coffee afternoon held at the CRRU to help raise awareness of brain injury and give former and current patients and their carers a chance to socialise.

The Community Rehabilitation and Respite Unit is run by South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. The unit provides care, assessment and intervention for people with neurological conditions, such as traumatic and/or acquired brain injury, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease.

Bev Garside, outreach sister at the unit, which is based at Keresforth Centre, said, "National Action for Brain Injury week is a great opportunity to raise awareness of all types of brain injury, from the very severe to more mild injuries which can still have major effects on people’s lives.

"Our coffee afternoon, held just after the national week, will give our current patients a chance to socialise with past patients and see the kind of progress that can be made after leaving the unit. Meeting Nick Miles, who is currently portraying a character with a brain injury, will also be a great experience for all."

Emmerdale’s Jimmy King to visit Barnsley health service

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