Barnsley school celebrating after lessons in hygiene


Staff and pupils at Greenacre School in Barnsley have been celebrating the success of this year’s health week after being presented with awards by the local NHS infection prevention and control team

The school, which provides education for children with learning disabilities, joined forces with their NHS health team to learn about the importance of personal hygiene.

As part of the school’s annual health week the on site health team, which is run by South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and Barnsley Council, held workshops to teach pupils how to keep themselves clean and healthy.

Children that took part in a colouring in poster competition were presented with special prizes at a school assembly by the infection prevention and control team before the school broke up for the summer holiday.

As well as poster designs, role plays were used to inform pupils about the importance of washing their hands and brushing teeth regularly in order to maintain good personal hygiene.

The Trust’s infection and control team taught the children and teachers handy tips on how to wash their hands to kill germs to prevent the spread of infection and were supported by Donna McNichol and Lynne Newby, who are support workers within the school nursing team.

The school’s health team believe it is important that the principles of hygiene are made part of everyday life. The incidence of illness relating to areas of personal hygiene is more apparent in children as they are learning to take care of themselves and are exposed to germs whilst in the school environment or in a play area.

Speaking about the health week infection prevention and control nurse Kath Bamforth said, "Parents, caregivers and peers can influence the way in which children approach personal hygiene, which will stay with them for life. Educating children and their carers on good hygiene is the best way to avoid the spread of infection and disorders and not just for childhood complaints; teaching the principles of correct hygiene at an early age can help keep individuals healthy in later life, and be taught to future generations."

Susan Hayter, head teacher of Greenacre School added, "Our partners in the school health team lead activities, which included learning about the importance of keeping clean, especially about how clean hand help contain the spread of infection. The week’s activities were of great benefit to all the children and is a great example of the brilliant partnership between the nurses, Mary and Kay and the support workers, Donna and Lynn."

Barnsley school celebrating after lessons in hygiene

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