Older people in Wakefield move to music


Local older people in Wakefield who use mental health services are being encouraged to get involved with gentle exercise as part of a new activity group that incorporates music, movement and rhythm.

The movement to music groups have been organised by Rosanna Ward, a support worker at South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, who qualified to teach the groups after completing a six month training programme, provided by the charity Extend.

Rosanna said, "The groups are a great way for people to meet others, socialise and partake in gentle exercise. It is hoped that those who attend the groups will experience a number of benefits as a result including increased mobility and independence; and improved strength, co-ordination and balance.

"I really enjoyed completing the training programme. It gave me the opportunity to build my knowledge of the body as well as improve my communication skills and develop the teaching techniques required to deliver the groups."

Paula Rylatt, specialist practitioner in the Trust’s older people’s services said, "Rosanna has worked really hard during the training and I am really pleased that she is now able to use her new qualification to provide these groups, which have proved very popular with people who currently use our services. "We hope to continue to introduce innovative groups such as this in to the service to ensure we are continuing to develop and are able to provide high quality care to local people."

Visit the Trust’s website www.southwestyorkshire.nhs.uk/likeminds-extra to find out more about the groups

Older people in Wakefield move to music

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