Call to men to put their health first


South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is encouraging local men to be more health aware ahead of Men’s Health Week (11-17 June).

Research repeatedly highlights men’s reluctance to visit their doctor compared with women. Men are less likely than women to acknowledge health problems – to themselves or others – are less aware of their symptoms than women and delay going to the doctor. This can result in men being diagnosed with conditions at a stage when their symptoms are more advanced and harder to treat.

George Smith, assistant director of nursing for the Trust, said, "If it was a partner or child who wasn’t well, I’m sure men wouldn’t hesitate to ensure they got the help they needed as soon as possible. But it seems many men don’t apply the same rules to themselves. Men’s Health Week is the ideal time to think about your own needs, keep an eye on your health and feel confident about getting the professionals in when you need them."

In line with the key messages of Men’s Health Week, the Trust has expanded its intranet to include a new resource dedicated to encouraging men to keep an eye on their health and, more importantly, seek help when needed.

Alan Davis, director of human resources for the Trust, said, "South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is committed to improving staff health and wellbeing. With more than a thousand male staff in the Trust, any steps we can take to promote greater self-awareness have the potential to make a real difference to the organisation’s overall health and wellbeing.

"As a health trust, it is particularly important that we don’t forget our staff’s own health needs: a mentally and physically fit workforce enables us to provide the best possible services for the people we care for."

Health information on a range of topics is also available on the Trust’s website:


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Call to men to put their health first

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