Calderdale OTs celebrate National OT Week


Occupational Therapists (OT) in Calderdale have been demonstrating their passion for the profession by raising awareness of the National Occupational Therapy Week 2012- Making a Difference.

The OTs used the awareness week as a platform to highlight and reinforce the value and contribution that occupational therapy makes within their services. OTs in mental health services at The Dales displayed an information board in the foyer highlighting the wide variety of skills the team have that enable individuals to lead fulfilling and purposeful lives. The information board not only promoted the benefits of the OT role within mental health but also provided further information on OT support in physical, paediatric, primary care and vocational settings.

Occupational therapy within mental health is recognised as an approach that uses activity to promote positive wellbeing, assists recovery and helps people achieve meaningful outcomes such as employment, self-care and leisure. It has been recognised that timely OT interventions can prevent unnecessary hospital admission, decrease the number of incidents on inpatient wards, facilitate early discharge and support adults of working age to retain their jobs during an episode of mental illness.

As well as marking OT week the team were also celebrating an award success at the Trust’s Excellence awards, where OTs from the Elmdale Ward won for the mountain bike scheme, which was funded by Creative Minds.

Read more about the Excellence awards.

During OT week a service user at The Dales wrote a poem about her experience and keeping focused on the future.

The Future

Something’s I can not see

Not sure what I want to be

Only know what I have been taught

Just feel my past has been fraught


From now on I have to be stronger

To keep the focus on me longer

Follow the path towards a goal

Time will tell me when it unfolds


Find a place where I can hide

A shelter for me to really unwind

Knowing I am loved for who I am

Not taken in for just a scam


Eyes wide open feet on the floor

No need to keep an eye on the door

Be around people who care for me too

Find a direction that I can pursue


Knowing the people who need my care

Ensure they don’t suffer silent despair

Raise them up when they are down

A helping hand passed all around


Embrace this time I have right now

Notice the good things and take a bow

One day my achievements will be bold

Hoping it happened before I’m too old.

Marina, service user at The Dales

Calderdale OTs celebrate National OT Week

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