Making the ward a more child friendly environment


A new visiting room is now available for families to use when they are visiting loved ones in Trinity 2 at Fieldhead, which has been specifically created to cater for the needs of young children who are with them.

The visiting room, which was created when the ward underwent refurbishment work, has been decorated with child friendly designs and includes toys and furniture for them to use. The room can be used by families who are visiting and provides a private, relaxed environment for them.

Donna Gallagher, ward manager on Trinity 2 explained, “We wanted to create an environment for young children who are coming to visit a member of their family on the ward that would be welcoming, playful and private. Before the room was created, visitors sometimes sat in the dining room which was not ideal as we try to ensure meal times are protected and it could sometimes be intimidating and unfamiliar for small children.

“We’ve had some lovely feedback from families who have used the room and about the changes we have made to ensure that there are baby changing facilities available, which we’re really pleased with.

“We also used funding from the innovations fund to buy toys and equipment for the room, which encourage children to play and hopefully enjoy the experience of visiting rather than finding it scary or intimidating.”


Making the ward a more child friendly environment

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