Raising awareness in Barnsley of the benefits physical activity has on mental wellbeing

Football tournament at Barnsley FC
Football tournament at Barnsley FC

To raise awareness of Mental Health Awareness week South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is highlighting how local people in Barnsley can get involved in fun, creative and enjoyable physical activities this summer to boost their mental and physical wellbeing.

Mental Health Awareness week runs from 13th – 19th May and this year’s theme focuses on the impact physical activity can have on mental health and wellbeing. The week aims to highlight the benefits that physical activity can have on people’s wellbeing, quality of life and mental health, as well as improved fitness levels.

The awareness week is organised by the Mental Health Foundation, a national charity committed to reducing the suffering caused by mental ill health and to help everyone lead mentally healthier lives.

This summer the Trust’s physical activity and development team in Barnsley have organised a number of events to give local people the opportunity to join in with sporting and physical activities including cricket, dancing, football and rugby.

On 25th May the team are launching a new project in partnership with State of Mind – an initiative that promotes practical ways for people to look after their mental health. Five sessions will be run that highlight how physical and creative activities can be utilised to help people manage difficulties they are experiencing and improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

Between 10 – 14 June the team has organised ‘Get active Get involved’ – a week of activities that will take place across the district including football tournaments, netball matches and a dancing session.

Jane Baker, physical activity assistant in the team said, “All the events we have planned for this summer aim to encourage people to get involved as doing a physical activity can give a big boost to your wellbeing. Not only does it help improve your fitness levels and reduce the risk of you suffering from conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, it also helps to improve your mental wellbeing by reducing stress, boosting confidence and encouraging participation in a social event.

“The State of Mind pilot project and the Get active Get involved week are just two examples of the projects we are running this summer. Our team support people, regardless of ability, to get involved in sporting activities and build their confidence so that in the future they will be able to continue this independently.”

To find out more about the awareness week and other activities planned for the week, visit www.mentalhealth.org.uk

Raising awareness in Barnsley of the benefits physical activity has on mental wellbeing

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