Increasing engagement on Ashdale Ward


A project to promote the importance of engaging in daily living and leisure activities has been launched on Ashdale Ward, The Dales.

Developed by Lynette Munday and Debbie Chew-Moulding, occupational therapists, the project aims to encourage service users to take part in everyday activities such as baking or arts. As part of the project, each month a display is created which focuses on the activity and the additional skills you may learn from taking part.

The activities on offer have a range of benefits for service users including increased self esteem, improved social skills and providing a sense of achievement. They also contribute to skills for independent living and allow occupational therapists to assess the individual’s processing and problem solving skills along with their ability to concentrate and sustain attention.

Lynette Munday, occupational therapist said, “We’re delighted to launch this project on the ward. It’s been warmly welcomed by service users who have really enjoy taking part. A lot of the people who have had a go at the activities have already noticed the benefits to them personally.

“We’re going to continue to develop the programme and encourage conversations around the benefits of taking part.”

Increasing engagement on Ashdale Ward

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