Unique collections under development at the Mental Health Museum


The Mental Health Museum is a unique museum in the heart of Fieldhead in Wakefield. It houses a remarkable collection of mental health related objects that span the history of mental health care from the early 19th century through to the present day.

The museum is currently going through an exciting programme of development and is changing as we speak. The displays are being re-designed, their programme of educational visits is being developed and temporary exhibitions are being created.

We will be opening the museum in May 2014, during Mental Health Awareness Week (12-18 May) and inviting those who use our services, their carers, staff they work with and members of the public to come in and explore.

After the opening, the museum will be asking for your views and ideas on the best use of the collection and the educational programme. Cara Sutherland, the museum’s curator explained, “The Mental Health Museum has a wonderfully diverse community including service users, carers, family, friends and staff across the Trust and it is this community that we aim to consult and work with to ensure that we can, together, create a museum that helps to promote social understanding, empowerment and respect.

“We will be asking our visitors how they think we can make the museum an environment where people can explore, debate and question what mental wellbeing really is, and how we can as a community work together to support a more understanding and respectful society.

“During this period, our displays will always be developed as we utilise the feedback we are given.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for the Mental Health Museum and the Trust to learn more about the objects we have in our collection, but more importantly, about the people that are in our community. Your stories and your values help our museum become more relevant and more engaging for future generations.”

Visit the museum website www.mentalhealthmuseum.co.uk to find out more about these plans. You can also keep up to date with the museum on Facebook, by searching for Mental Health Museum Wakefield and liking their page.

Unique collections under development at the Mental Health Museum

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