Improving work wellbeing in Wakefield


Government statistics show that for every £1 invested in staff wellbeing, there’s a return of £3 in improved productivity – so occupational therapy staff from the Trust have been out and about helping to support the wellbeing of Wakefield Council employees.

The Council recently held a number of events at Wakefield One and Normanton Town Hall throughout May and June to promote physical and mental wellbeing among its workforce of around 7,000 staff.

Jessica Adcock and Ian Portlock, vocational occupational therapists at the Trust, went along to provide support and guidance around mental health, delivering sessions on mental health awareness and effective ways of managing mental wellbeing at work.

At the event, which was organised to celebrate the launch of the Council’s new online health and wellbeing system, Wakefield Council staff could also receive health checks, complimentary massages and blood tests.

Sally Hall, vocational occupational therapist at the Trust, said: “The feedback on Jessica and Ian’s session was very positive, and a number of Council staff commented on the benefits of engaging a mental health professional in workplace training.”

The four vocational occupational therapists within the Wakefield BDU offer specialist input for service users who are in employment and struggling to maintain their work role. The team also delivers mental health awareness training to local employers.

To find out more about the vocational occupational therapists, contact the team on 01977 465470 or 01924 327674.

Improving work wellbeing in Wakefield

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