Our annual plan 2015 / 16


The Trust has a five year plan which runs from 2014 – 2019. Our Board keeps the plan under regular review and we have recently submitted our annual plan to Monitor, the regulator of Foundation Trusts. Our plan keeps our mission and values central:

Our mission

Enabling people to reach their potential and live well in their community.

Our values

  • Honest, open and transparent
  • Respectful
  • Person first and in the centre
  • Improve and be outstanding
  • Relevant today, ready for tomorrow
  • Families and carers matter

Our strategic goals

  • Focus on recovery and self-care – work in partnership through, for example, our recovery colleges, Creative Minds and Altogether Better programme
  • Deliver service transformation and efficiency – reviewing our service offers to ensure we offer high quality, consistency and efficiency
  • Efficient and effective support services – for example best use of technology and investment in estate
  • Partnership – enabling communities through partnership working, especially in primary care, through integrated working in mental health, physical health and social care.

Review of 2014 / 15

In the first year of our five year plan we:

  • Improved quality, performance and use of resources through a service model in each area led by a clinician, a practice governance coach and a general manager.
  • Reviewed our ‘safe-staffing’ levels and invested £1m in ward based staff
  • Committed to the ‘Sign up to Safety’ campaign
  • Made 2014/15 our ‘Year of Values’, with implementation of values based recruitment, induction, appraisal and training, a staff recognition scheme, new leadership and management framework and staff wellbeing reviews and action plans
  • Delivered a challenging cost improvement target of £12.9m and achieved 91% of quality targets (CQUINS)
  • Invested £6.1m in estate and technology to improve the service we offer to local communities.

Our plans for 2015/16

Enabling programmes:
  • We will deliver cost improvements totaling £10.9m
  • We will deliver quality improvements with our commissioners of £3m, through better management of service user pathways.
  • We will invest £12m in estate to improve access and offer services closer to home, through community hubs and development of our in-patient sites. We will also explore options to share estate with partners to support integrated working.
  • We will invest in technology to provide access to clinical information near to people’s home through mobile devices and help different services share information through portal development.
  • We’ve developed a Quality Improvement strategy and will be continuing our ‘unannounced visits’ and ’15 Steps’ programmes, to help us be ready for Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection
  • We’ve developed a Patient Safety Strategy and will be launching our ‘sign up to safety’ action plan
  • We’re investing £1m in safer staffing and will be piloting peripatetic working to ensure staff time is focused in the right areas at the right time.
  • We’re developing a nursing strategy to support safe, effective, caring, responsive, innovate and well-led nursing practice.
  • We’re improving on care co-ordination, clinical record keeping and data quality.
Operational priorities:
  • To implement our acute and community mental health service transformation and ensure people can access urgent care when they need to
  • To evidence the effectiveness of our mental health liaison services and look to offer this in other areas
  • To ensure the right approach for services including early intervention, memory assessment, intermediate care and long term conditions
  • To improve access to services for children and young people and improve partnership working with other agencies supporting people aged 0 – 19years
  • To work in an integrated way in community settings – supporting a ‘whole person’ approach to physical and mental health
  • To ensure timely access to treatment in Improving Access to Psychological Therapy (IAPT) services, with 75% of people seen in 6 weeks, 95% seen within 18 weeks.
  • To support continuous improvement in all our services.
Identified risks:
  • Austerity impacting on the Trust and partners undermining integrated pathways
  • Loss of contracts (and therefore income and skills)
  • Service model fit with commissioner intentions
  • Access to and quality of services for children and young people
  • Demand for beds outstripping capacity
  • Failure to meet quality and performance targets

We have plans in place to mitigate the risks we have identified and will continue to proactively review our position.

  • We’ve agreed a budget for the current year which will enable us to increase capital investment
  • Key areas of investment include information management and technology, safer staffing, resources for transformation and innovation
  • We have identified the elements of our current contract income which may be subject to procurement
  • Our cost improvement programme will deliver £10.9m
  • We will invest £12m in community hubs and in-patient services and IT infrastructure and equipment.

We are confident our plan will ensure we are clinically, operationally and financially sustainable for the next 2 years. We will:

  • Work with our commissioners on the redesign of our mental health and community services through our transformation programme
  • Continue to deliver the required cost improvements, whilst maintaining the very best standards of care
  • Retain and develop our staff to support them to deliver new models of care
  • Integrate mental and physical health services in community settings, working with partners
  • Continue to develop our recovery colleges and Creative Minds Programmes to help people to be independent and in charge of their own health.


Our annual plan 2015 / 16

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