Time to Talk about stress and low mood with local NHS Trust


It’s Time to Talk Day on Thursday 4 February, and a local NHS Trust is encouraging people to seek help for their common mental health conditions in support of the day.

South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) team is hosting a number of free seminars to help people experiencing stress and low mood to find quick and effective ways to manage their conditions.

Each seminar lasts around 90 minutes, and they’re held in convenient locations in Huddersfield and Dewsbury throughout the day and evening.

Time to Talk Day is a national campaign developed by Time to Change – an initiative which aims to end the stigma and discrimination that people with mental health problems face. It’s run by the charities Mind and Rethink Mental Illness.

IAPT’s team of trained professionals work alongside local GPs to offer various types of treatment including stress control courses, guided self-help, and counselling. Their range of techniques can help people to address their current problems, gain a new understanding of the difficulties they are facing, and make important changes to their lives.

The service is tailored to each individual, and support is available in a number of ways including online, over the phone and face to face through day and evening classes.

Sarah Mullaney, senior psychological wellbeing practitioner with Kirklees IAPT, said: “Stress and low mood are really common conditions, and often people don’t realise that they might actually benefit from getting help to cope.

“Time to Talk Day is a great opportunity for people to take a check of their mental health and talk to someone about the support that’s available. The seminars we’re hosting are the perfect opportunity for you to spend just 90 minutes learning new skills and tips to better manage your wellbeing.

“You won’t have to speak out loud about how you’re feeling and you can even bring a friend or family member for support. If you feel like you’ve been struggling, give us a call or email to book a place and take the first steps towards managing your mental health.”

The seminars are available to people aged over 18 registered with a Kirklees GP. For more information, including details of how to book a place, visit swyt.co/kirkleesiapt

Time to Talk about stress and low mood with local NHS Trust

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