Older people’s services in Calderdale working on Care Closer to Home


The Trust’s older people’s services are engaged closely with primary care and other stakeholders in Calderdale as part of the Vanguard Integrated Community Model.

We are working on a similar model of Care Closer to Home in Calderdale as we have in operation in Kirklees, looking at how we can bring physical health and mental health needs to a joint approach through better linking the Trust’s older people’s mental health services with the locality teams.

As part of the locality working with providers in Calderdale, the central locality is reviewing multi-disciplinary teams (MDTs). The first locality-wide mock MDT to test out whether such a concept would work in practice occurred on 17 November. The Trust’s older people’s services engaged in this exercise and we presented a case study. There was an excellent discussion and engagement from the representatives of organisations.

The outcomes were discussed regarding future meetings, timing, purpose and having a referral template for these meetings.

Other work taking place is focused around the needs of the care homes, and the needs of the community from the care home providers. Work is ongoing into how we can come together and complement each other, ensuring we focus on both the needs of the people in care homes and supporting the care home providers in meeting the needs of their residents.

Older people’s services in Calderdale working on Care Closer to Home

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