Fieldhead master plan update



At Fieldhead Hospital, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is investing more than £16m to transform mental health services in Wakefield.

This project includes a complete redevelopment of the Priory and Trinity units as well as older people’s Chantry unit. The work will completely transform the current facilities and involves rebuilding on the existing site.

The old Chantry unit has now gone and work to build the new Trinity units is continuing. Our contractor Interserve Construction working on the construction of the ground floor slab, which is now almost complete. The steel frame has been erected and this will house the plant room where the main plant and equipment that services the new building will sit. The blockwork walls are now being built to the PICU and 136 suite in readiness for the roof decking being delivered early next month. Work forecast for the next few weeks includes the final pour to the ground floor slab, pouring the first floor slab to the plant room, installation of the loose steel for the roof and delivery of the roof deck.

When the work is complete, patients will benefit from purpose built state of the art therapeutic areas, en-suite bathrooms and vastly improved relaxation areas to help people on their journey to recovery. Other areas of the development will include modern visitor areas, an improved reception facility and a better working environment for staff. Work is expected to complete in late 2018.

Fieldhead master plan update

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