Mental health nurse wins inspirational mentor award


One of our Barnsley senior mental health nurses has won an award for ‘inspirational mentor’.

Claire Parnham, who has been mentoring at the Trust for nine years, won the award from Sheffield Hallam University.

“I was very surprised and humbled to be nominated. I wasn’t expecting to win”, said Claire.

“I’ve always enjoyed having students and supporting them through their learning journey.”

“Students and mentors learn a lot from each other. We often get students on their first placement with us and I enjoy reassuring and supporting them. I particularly enjoy watching them gain in confidence as they learn.”

Claire, who’s been a qualified nurse for fourteen years, thinks placements are a great way to introduce students to the impact of mental health.

“It’s a very personal thing when you do a home visit. Service users are inviting you not only into their homes but also into their life.

“I like getting to know the service user for who they are, not just what their condition is.

“This is what I like my students to always learn”.

Sophie Hodson was one of the students who nominated Claire.

“I was so pleased Claire won the award! She’s so knowledgeable, compassionate and approachable.

“I was really nervous when I had my first placement. I’m so pleased it was with her. I gained so much confidence.

“I’m starting my first job in September. If I could be half as good as her, I would be so happy. She inspires me so much.

“She started off as my mentor and now she’s one of my closest friends.”

Mental health nurse wins inspirational mentor award

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