Showcasing talent from Creative Minds


Artwork is back up on the walls across many Trust sites displaying the talents of service users, carers and staff.

Original art is placed at Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre in Halifax and is also up in the Wellbeing and Learning centre at Fieldhead in Wakefield.

Debs Taylor, Creative Minds peer project development worker, understands what it means to express yourself through art. Her first art class helped change her outlook on life. She said: “One of the powerful images that appear in my own art is the free butterfly. As I create the image it reminds me of how I felt cocooned in my mental health and I am now free to start my new journey.”

Art has offered service users the chance to show their identity and break the stigma that their condition defines them. Debs explained: “The art spaces allow service users to transition from feeling invisible in the shadows to visible as they learn a new skill.”

Carol Harris, director of forensic, specialist, Calderdale and Kirklees, said “We’re improving and brightening our environments using home-grown talent rather than purchased artwork. It is important to tell our own story as a Trust and promote that health and wellbeing is about all of us together”.

Using art as a tool has also improved the confidence in our service users and given some the opportunity to start working. Art has supported service users and members of Creative Minds to become activity facilitators, running their own projects and speaking at charity launches and conferences.

Creating art is one of many approaches that Creative Minds provide. Phil Walters, Creative Minds strategic lead, said: “We have a flexible approach to our work. We see that glimmer of interest and go with it. Our aim is to facilitate the creative and provide confidence for the future”.

There’s still more work to be displayed in the upcoming months and you can purchase any art from the collection with 30% of the profit going back to the Creative Minds charity. To buy a specific piece, email Debs Taylor or contact Creative Minds on 01924 316 285.

Showcasing talent from Creative Minds

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