We help aspiring leaders to move forward


We’ve successfully launched a new programme helping people from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds to progress in their careers.

Moving Forward is a three-part programme for staff who aren’t currently in a management role within the Trust but have aspirations to move into one within the next two years, or for staff who are new to a management position.

The programme helps to deepen people’s understanding of key leadership and management principles and practices, develop self-awareness and personal resilience in readiness for management, and aims to give people the skills to manage themselves and their career.









Afsana Aslam, involvement and engagement manager, attended the first session and said: “I really enjoyed the first session and found it a very rewarding and motivating experience. It was good to meet with people from different backgrounds who have all been on different journeys and speak to them to navigate our careers and futures together.

“The two days we’ve done so far really helped me to be more self-aware and recognise where I am currently. After the session, I felt more motivated and at a point where I felt like I wanted to start to put a career plan in place.”

Andrew Cribbis, head of leadership and management, said: “This is our first collaborative programme in partnership with three other NHS organisations. It’s also the first programme we’ve offered as part of our new values-led leadership and management development pathway, and I’m really pleased that our staff have found it beneficial. I’m looking forward to the next sessions of Moving Forward and our other upcoming leadership and management programmes.”

The programme will continue to run with further sessions until June 2018.

We help aspiring leaders to move forward

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