We’re awarded funding to improve places of safety


We’ve been awarded over £130,000 of funding to help improve our facilities for people detained under the Mental Health Act.

Our provisional £134,543 share of the Department of Health’s Beyond Places of Safety grant will go towards enhancing the environment of our Section 136 facility in The Dales in Calderdale, making it a less clinical and more user-friendly place where people feel relaxed and comfortable.

The Dales is a place of safety for people who have been detained under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act by the police following concerns that they are suffering from a mental disorder. Once in the suite, the person is assessed to see whether they need treatment.

The money will also be used to develop an enhanced assessment room in A&E at Calderdale Royal Hospital, enabling a safe and secure environment for people attending A&E who need assessment by the mental health liaison team.

The Better Places of Safety funding follows on from the Improving Places of Safety scheme run over 2015/16 and 2016/17, which aimed to improve health-based ‘places of safety’ for those experiencing a crisis.

Carol Harris, director of forensic, specialist, Calderdale and Kirklees services, said: “We’re very pleased to receive this funding to improve services for local people and ensure there is a suitable and safe facility there to use when it is needed. It brings us an opportunity to replace some of the current features of the suite with products that will provide a warmer, calmer, and more welcoming environment.”

We’re awarded funding to improve places of safety

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