It’s important we all are #celebratingdiversity


Kate McNulty, equality, diversity and human rights lead and Laura Habib, staff wellbeing lead for Thornhill Ward at the Bretton Centre have created a #CelebratingDiversity display that focuses on supporting people in feeling safe and proud of who they are.

The display features Trust-branded pledges from the team about how they will support service users on the ward. The aim is to do so by recognising differences, empowering those around us, being respectful around different faiths and beliefs and much more.Kate McNulty South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Kate has worked for the Trust for nine years and has always demonstrated a passion for equality, diversity and human rights.

She explained “Laura and I wanted to display that the Bretton Centre is a safe environment for everyone and that people feel like they can be who they are, without fear of prejudice.

I was inspired to start this initiative by my previous job role where during Eid, individuals were coming together to celebrate the festivities through cultural food and sharing their differences openly and transparently.

Equality and diversity is about sharing and celebrating and creating the ethos that this is who I am and I am proud of that. It’s about feeling accepted no matter what your gender identity or the colour of your skin.

It’s important to us that staff are aware of equality within the workplace as when they feel supported and cared for, they can deliver a holistic package of care.

Our service users are also really intrigued by our displays. It encourages discussion about their backgrounds and upbringings and how important being accepted really is. The display has spread from Thornhill to Sandal ward and Laura has plans to share across the Trust to promote the message further.

Our mental health is connected with our spiritual and emotional needs. Equality and diversity is for everybody and is a long-term focus to be open about who we are and treat others equally.”

Celebrating diversity display South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust


It’s important we all are #celebratingdiversity

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