Trust continues to reduce carbon footprint


We’ve reduced our carbon emissions by 36.18% over the past seven years – equivalent to 4,380 tonnes. The reduction is across electricity, gas, water, waste and travel with each of these resources having seen a reduction.

Nature and the environment are important to our work. Our green spaces across Trust sites have therapeutic value to the people we help.

We’re committed to reducing our carbon emissions as part of our estates strategy and sustainable development and carbon management plan. The reduction has been the result of making efficiencies, using smart technology, improved recycling and waste disposal. We no longer send any waste to landfill.

Nick Phillips, head of estates and facilities, said: “The key to our success has been everyone working together as an organisation. With clear leadership, focused planning and implementation we’ve made big progress, although there is more work to do around travel. Going forward, our aim is to continually strive to reduce the reliance on the use of traditional fuels and further develop our waste management/recycling practices. The UK Government Climate Change Act aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emission by 80% of 1990 levels by 2050 and we are determined to do our bit to protect the environment.”

Trust continues to reduce carbon footprint

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