We retain Customer Service Excellence accreditation


We’ve retained our Customer Service Excellence accreditation following our recent assessment.

We were assessed in August 2018 as part of a 3 year accreditation cycle, where we are assessed against 57 standards across 5 domains. We retained our accreditation status and improved on the results from 2017 by closing all partially compliant elements and achieving an additional 4 ‘compliance plus’ elements. We now have 11 compliance plus elements and 46 fully complaint elements.

A range of services participated in the assessment including mental health inpatients, older people’s services, CAMHS and end of life care as well as senior managers, library services and Creative Minds.

The Customer Service Excellence standard aims to make a difference to service users by encouraging organisations to focus on their individual needs and preferences.

In his overall summary, the assessor noted: ‘This had been an outstanding surveillance visit for South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and there was strong evidence that they were using the standard effectively to promote continuous improvement at all times. The assessor during the visit was privileged to meet staff who came across as passionate, professional, focussed and keen to ensure that the customer was at the heart of everything that the Trust did.”

We retain Customer Service Excellence accreditation

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