National homelessness charity inspired by Barnsley equipment recycling service


Barnsley’s community equipment recycling service was recently visited by a national homelessness charity to see what they could learn from the successful team.

Sam Larke and Clive Thomas from homelessness charity EMMAUS visited the Barnsley Integrated Community Equipment Service (BICES) at their base in Stairfoot to find out more about the team’s way of working with the aim of replicating the service in Gloucestershire.

The visit came about following BICES’ appearances on the BBC’s Inside Out and The One Show, which highlighted the team nationally as an example of how to save the NHS money. BICES offers a wide range of loan equipment, many of which is recycled, to support the care needs and promote the independence of service users living in Barnsley.

EMMAUS in Gloucestershire provides a home and work for 34 people who have experienced homelessness, offering support and stability to move on with their lives. The charity has a number of ‘communities’ and charity shops throughout the UK.

It’s anticipated that the EMMAUS service will be run by members of their Gloucestershire community, with the aim of increasing people’s confidence and sense of purpose.

Service manager Mark Foster said: “Sam and Clive were very impressed with our facility at Grange Lane Industrial Estate in Stairfoot and were amazed at how much work was delivered by such a small team. Their visit lasted for around 3 hours, as we discussed in depth their reasons for developing a collection and recycling facility in Gloucestershire which they hope to run like BICES.

“As BICES service manager, I feel so proud that we were able to help and offer advice to this worthwhile cause, and can see our involvement continuing as the project is launched.”

National homelessness charity inspired by Barnsley equipment recycling service

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