Over 2,200 staff get a jab and give a jab


By vaccinating themselves against flu, our staff have helped to provide 2,250 life-saving vaccines to children in need across the world.

As part of this year’s flu vaccination campaign, our Trust pledged to support UNICEF’s ‘have a vaccine, give a vaccine’ initiative, which meant that for each member of our staff who had a flu jab we would donate one essential vaccine to a vulnerable child.

With 82% of our workforce protecting themselves, their families, friends and service users with their free flu jab, we were able to donate 900 polio, 1000 tetanus and 350 measles vaccines to help more children around the world grow up healthy.

Tim Breedon, director of nursing and quality, said: “With more of our staff than ever before keeping themselves safe from flu with the vaccination this year, we saw an amazing response to our ‘have a vaccine, give a vaccine’ campaign. Our staff know how important it is to protect yourself, your loved ones and the people you care for with the jab and knowing that it would also help a child with much-needed medication was a huge incentive for many people.

“We are really proud that the benefits of our workforce’s kind and caring nature will be seen beyond our wards and communities.”

Over 2,200 staff get a jab and give a jab

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