Mental and physical health nurses join force to fight pandemic


In response to the Coronavirus, our nurses who usually work in police custody suites across South Yorkshire were asked to switch to a digital service in order to help social distancing.

With fewer people being detained by police, and running a virtual service, liaison and diversion staff found they had capacity freed up to support colleagues on the front line.

They were quickly asked to join a group of our staff deployed to help the people of Barnsley. One nurse started by making up PPE kits for staff on the wards and community, then progressed to taking out medical equipment to support district teams. Another nurse completed refresher training and started to work with the district nursing team in a completely different role, wearing a uniform and changing dressings. A further four nurses joined the district nursing teams across the borough. 

Other mental health teams have been lending community services a hand too. Our IAPT, Barnsley recovery college and core mental health teams have compiled a workbook full of information and ways of promoting good mental wellbeing.

Jill Jinks, Business Unit Manager – Specialist and Community Mental Health Services, said: “This is a challenging time but our staff are all pulling together to fight this pandemic. Our staff are doing a great job and their efforts show how we are working smart and adapting how we work to meet the changing care needs of people in Barnsley and each other.”


Mental and physical health nurses join force to fight pandemic

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