“It’s absolute chaos, but I treasure every minute!” – Inga’s Christmas story


Clinical admin manager Inga Child’s festive period is always a busy one, meaning she has lots to look forward to. She shared her story.

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Hello, my name is Inga. I work as a clinical admin manager supporting the medical secretaries, reception and ward clerks in their job roles. The medical secretaries work hard to ensure that service user care needs are recorded and communicated efficiently to other services e.g. GPs or referrals to teams.

In my family, Christmas usually starts with us attending the Christingle service with our family and grandchildren. We have tea together on Christmas Eve and watch our youngest grandchildren excitedly go to bed, knowing that Santa will be visiting them that night.

Christmas Day starts early for us. We prefer to go to church for the first service and enjoy a peaceful and meaningful service before spending the rest of the day with all the family. It’s absolute chaos, but I treasure every minute!

For me, Christmas is about spending quality time with family and friends, sharing laughter, smiles and joy, but also being thankful for all we have. It’s about giving, not just presents, but giving our time and thinking about people we know who may not have family and friends around them.

I feel that Christmas brings light and hope when the year is at its lowest and darkest ebb. It’s a reminder of better times to come, and that the comforting traditions that are passed from generation to generation will endure, as our faith and hope endures.

It’s great that we celebrate all the key cultural events and religious holidays throughout the year. I’m glad to work for a Trust which recognises and values the differences of each and every one of its staff members – it’s part of what makes the Trust a great place to work.


“It’s absolute chaos, but I treasure every minute!” – Inga’s Christmas story

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