Efficient care is in the bag for Barnsley community services


Barnsley neighbourhood nursing services have got efficient care in the bag now they’re equipped with their brand new community kit bags.

Group of nurses with equipment bags
Community nurses with their new kit bags

The kit bags include a boot bag with individual pouches which can be used to transport dressings and equipment into patients’ homes. The kits also boast a home visit bag complete with kneeling mat.

One of the pouches is also used as a patient observation kit which nurses can take with them to each visit, ensuring they are prepared for emergency situations.

Each kit bag is branded with the South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust logo.

The bags have been provided to district nursing teams, the tissue viability team, the continence team, matrons, the Macmillan team and the BREATHE team to effectively support them and their patients when out on visits.

The teams worked closely with the supplier, CorrMed, to ensure that the bags met the needs of each team.

Practice development nurse Ann Midgley said: “We are really pleased with the new kit bags. They look really professional and send out a positive image to patients and their families.”

The bags are also helping to boost staff morale, with nurses commenting:

“I feel more organised using the new system. I know what I have got and what I need to get for my visits that day.”

“As the bags are so much easier to keep my equipment together and remove from my car, I have got my car boot back for the days I’m not working.”

“Lots of patients have commented saying I look professional.”

Efficient care is in the bag for Barnsley community services

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