World mental heath day event huge success


There was a party atmosphere at the Mirfield Day centre as service users, carers, staff and members of the public came together to celebrate World Mental Health Day.

Mirfield Day Centre gives people with mental health problems the chance to take part in activities (such as woodwork, computer skills and dj-ing) to help them gain skills and recover from their illness.

Amanda Forsyth helped to organise the event along with other people who attend Mirfield day centre, she said, "It’s been a busy few weeks leading up to the event, we’ve done loads of preparation and planning. I’m very proud that we’ve organised this event and that it’s gone so well, and I’m proud of everyone who’s taken part. Hopefully the event will make people more aware of mental health issues and help to remove the stigma that surrounds mental illness,"

Visitors to the event could have a go at activities such as tai chi, relaxation, crystal therapies, reiki healing, exercise to music, massage, imaginative writing, music and digital photography workshops. DJ Richard Rugg who takes a djing group at the centre provided the music and was on hand to give advice to those interested in learning how to mix.

Voluntary, health and social organisations were also on hand to give out information, advice and support about mental health and issues surrounding it.

Day Services co-ordinator John Butler said, "The event was a great opportunity to promote positive images of mental health and get people together to discuss mental health issues. The people who come to the centre were central in the planning of the event, helping with everything from the catering to the running of the car park. Organising the event allowed the service users to engage with their local community, build-up confidence, and recognise their own strength and skills – all of which are key to the Mirfield Day Centre’s aims."

The event was one of many celebrations taking place across South West Yorkshire Mental Health Trust that aim to raise the profile of mental health issues and help to remove the stigma that surround mental illness.

World mental heath day event huge success

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