"The level of care is wonderful" -praise for local NHS staff


Staff at South West Yorkshire Mental Health NHS Trust have received praise from the people they care for in the National Service User Survey.

The survey was sent to 850 people who had used mental health services across Calderdale, Wakefield and Kirklees in the past six months. Respondents were asked to share their comments on what they thought was good about their care, and if they felt that anything could be improved.

Results for the Trust show that: • 81% of respondents had seen a psychiatrist in the last 12 months and 83% stated that the psychiatrist had treated them with dignity and respect • 89% of respondents said that their community psychiatric nurse (CPN) listened carefully and 91% said the CPN treated them with dignity and respect • 94% who had a number to contact got through within 1 hour, 70% immediately • 78% stated that care received was good, very good or excellent • 88% of respondents believed that they had enough say in decisions about care

Lots of comments were also received, many of them showing the high regard for staff felt by service users. For example:

• "I am receiving a lot of help, care, attention and respect……the level of care is wonderful. Lovely people." • "The people I have seen are genuinely concerned, helpful and friendly." • "The service provided to me was very good. The doctors involved were very understanding and had time to listen and treat me as an individual person, not a number." • "I am currently seeing a clinical psychologist weekly…..without her I seriously feel I would not have survived…..she has been, and is, my saviour."

The Trust also received some comments which were not so good, but are just as valuable as they help us identify where improvements need to be made. For example: • 56% of respondents had their appointment with their psychiatrist changed or cancelled at least once and 39% saw at least 2 different psychiatrists • 34% of respondents did not know who their care coordinator was • 54% stated they had not been offered a copy of their care plan and 53% not had a care review in the last 12 months • Only 25% said they had received information about local support groups

Speaking about the survey results chief executive Judith Young said, "I’d like to thank all our staff whose hard work, dedication and commitment is reflected in many of the comments service users made. We are also grateful to all the people that took part in this survey, providing us with such valuable feedback. All the results will now be used to help the Trust continue to develop and improve mental health services for people in Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield."

"The level of care is wonderful" -praise for local NHS staff

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