Plea for stem cell donor


A local woman desperate to find a stem cell donor to help save her father’s life is asking for members of the public to consider becoming donors.

Sara Pollard, who works as a senior staff nurse at Newton Lodge, Fieldhead is hoping to find a donor who is a match to her father David Collins. Mr Collins, 62, has been diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome, which means his bone marrow becomes increasingly dysfunctional.

Stem cells are harvested from the blood of donors – you can be added to the stem cell donor register when you give blood, and no operation is required.

Sara Pollard said, "My father currently receives supportive therapy i.e. regular blood transfusions, however, he requires a stem cell transplant if he is to survive. Both the UK and international registers have failed to come up with a match, therefore I need to appeal to everyone to donate blood and whilst there agree to becoming a stem cell/bone marrow donor. Whilst bone marrow transplantation requires an operation, stem cell donation doesn’t – cells can be harvested from the blood."

To find out where your nearest blood donor session is taking place please call the National Blood Service on 0845 7711711.

Plea for stem cell donor

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