Reminiscence booklet launch


Following a series of reminiscence sessions for older people with dementia or depression at Dewsbury District Hospital – a booklet has been produced collecting their thoughts and memories.

Bibliotherapist at Batley library, John Duffy, has led four reminiscence sessions with the group, who are all in-patients at Dewsbury District Hospital. He used old photographs of parks in Dewsbury and Batley to spark memories and conversations about parks in Dewsbury and Batley.

John collected the words and memories of the group members in a booklet called ‘Breathe In Deep!’ which will be launched a special event at 11am, Friday 18th May at Ward 4, Bronte Towers, Dewsbury District hospital.

Journalists and photographers are invited to attend this event and meet some of the staff and patients involved in the project. Please confirm your attendance with Emma Foster, communications officer, 01924 327055.

Reminiscence booklet launch

time to read: 1 min