Transport that cares


If you’re an outpatient who regularly uses Trust services, you could benefit from the Trust’s new and improved transport system, provided by private ambulance service, Caring for you Ltd.

Caring for you Ltd has been contracted by the Trust to provide transport for members of the community to and from day treatment units, outpatient appointments, referrals and day trips. The new service has hugely improved transport within the Trust and has been well received by those lucky enough to experience its novelties.

Several transport companies put in bids to secure a contract, but Caring for you Ltd succeeded because it had similar values to the Trust’s. As well as offering a first rate transport service to people who use Trust services, Caring for you Ltd offers work placements to service users who are keen to regain employment.

The Trust’s head of procurement Tony Cooper said, ‘The Trust is always interested in supporting initiatives that help people with mental health problems get back into work, so being able to hire a company that shares this goal is fantastic.’

Dan Bowyer, contract manager for Caring for you Ltd added, ‘People with experience of mental health problems are often keen to get back to work but because of their health problems, have lost the confidence to do so. Work placements at Caring for you offer a supportive environment and give people the chance to gain the experience they need to take the next step towards securing a job.’

He continued, ‘We want to look after our staff in the same way that we look after our customers. We understand what a huge step it is for people who have experienced mental health problems to re-enter the workplace and we hope to offer those people the support they need to make that transition.’

People who use Trust services were heavily involved in the hiring process and were just as keen to contract a company that could offer more than your average transport service. Beverley Mellor, who uses services and is a representative on the members council said, ‘I was keen for Caring for you Ltd to win the contract because of their people friendly approach and willingness to provide training opportunities for people who use services.’

‘We are committed to making sure that all our customers have a safe and enjoyable ride and pride ourselves on the first rate service we offer’ said Dan Bowyer. ‘We have worked closely with the organisation to better its transport system and due to popular demand the service is growing all the time.’

Paula Chilcott who works on a special care unit for people with learning disabilities said, ‘Many of our service users are in wheelchairs and the Caring for you team have worked closely with unit staff to provide transport that is tailored to suit the needs of those service users.’

Transport that cares

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