Local young people benefit from innovative new health service in Wakefield


A local service, provided by South West Yorkshire Mental Health Trust is available to offer help and support to young people experiencing mental health problems. The service, called Insight, is encouraging any young person who is worried about their mental health to contact them.

The Insight team also urges anyone who might be worried about the mental wellbeing of someone they know to get in touch, as they work with closely with families and carers too.

The Insight team works to identify and treat symptoms early, to promote recovery and help people continue to have a good quality of life. It has been shown that if psychosis is identified and treated in a timely manner and with the right support; individuals can recover, maintain relationships and achieve their aspirations.

The service provides support and treatment through a variety of ways including talking therapies, medication, helping people resolve personal problems and assisting in accessing training, education or employment.

Team leader Paul Safhill said, "People experience psychosis in different ways. It may be that they feel they are being watched or followed; this is often called ‘paranoia’. Some people withdraw from friends and relatives and seem distant. Some people experience hearing voices or may see or smell things which others cannot. They may also have strange thoughts, and start to believe things which are out of character for them. Psychosis can be very frightening but it can be successfully treated. The sooner intervention takes place the better, which is why the Insight team has been set up."

If you are concerned that you or someone you know may need help, or you would just like some advice, you can contact the Insight team on 01977 465820 and they will be happy to help.

Local young people benefit from innovative new health service in Wakefield

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