NHS Trust helps local businesses by speeding up payments


South West Yorkshire Mental Health NHS Trust is helping small businesses in Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield to maintain a healthy cash flow.

The Trust has been speeding up the payment of invoices in response to encouragement by the Department of Health for the NHS to pay local businesses quickly during the current turbulent economic climate.

The Trust, which provides specialist mental health and learning disability services to nearly 1 million people, routinely aims to pay all invoices within 30 days. The Trust now endeavours to pay local businesses within 10 days. The Trust currently has over 2300 suppliers and over 330 of these are classed as small local businesses, around 15% of the total.

Angela Crossland, creditor payment team manager for the Trust, said that it has been quite a challenge to enable payment within 10 days, "It has been hard work to refine the process but we are committed to helping local businesses during these difficult financial times and are delighted to know we are making a difference."

The Trust has not only reduced the amount of time local businesses need to wait for payments but has also doubled the number of pay-runs each week to ensure a smooth and efficient service.

Angela continued, "Receiving fast payment from large organisations like our Trust has been really appreciated by local businesses some of whom are struggling due to the credit crunch. Our clinical staff have been great at completing their financial paperwork as quickly as possible despite their own workloads in delivering care. It’s a fantastic example of how we are all working together for what is ultimately for the benefit of local people."

NHS Trust helps local businesses by speeding up payments

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