Celebrating creative personalities


People at the Bretton Centre have been trying their hand at art and photography, discovering some real hidden talents in the process. Having produced some impressive work, they were feeling pretty pleased with themselves, but couldn’t believe their luck when they were asked if it could be included in a unique public exhibition at the Carriageworks Theatre in Leeds!

The Celebrating Creative Personalities Festival was organised by Community Interest Company, Personality Plus exclusively for people who have or can relate to personality disorder. A company called Community Links was responsible for getting people involved in the event and approached the Bretton Centre asking if people who use services there would like to submit their work to be showcased at the event.

People have been busy writing poems and producing artwork during a range of activity sessions at the Bretton Centre and four involved individuals agreed to have their work displayed.

Activities coordinator Claire Shanahan said, ‘It is really great that people who use services here at the Bretton Centre have submitted their work for others to see and appreciate. It takes a lot of courage to do that but I think they have had a real confidence boost as a result.’

One of the participants who submitted 3 photographs for the exhibition said, ‘It felt really good that I could submit some of my photographs to the exhibition. The experience has motivated me and made me interested in applying to submit photographs to other art festivals.’

Tell me more about Personality Plus

Personality Plus is a user led Community Interest Company that engages with people interested in using creativity to challenge the stigma experienced by people given a diagnosis of personality disorder.

Celebrating creative personalities

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