Older people get their toes-a-tapping


People who use services at Savile Close Day Centre in Halifax, as well as their carers and staff who work there were in for a toe-tapping afternoon when registered charity, Music in Hospitals paid them a visit. Singer John Cunningham was accompanied by pianist Paul Thompson and together they put on a great show.

Many of those who use services at the centre have memory impairment but the live music session, which featured old classics like Danny Boy, Oh What a Beautiful Morning and It’s a Long Way to Tipperary, got them singing along in no time.

One member of the audience who uses services at the centre certainly had a good time. ‘I enjoyed the afternoon very much’ she said. ‘It made a lovely change to the television!’

Music in Hospitals is a national organisation that visits people across the country with all kinds of illnesses and disabilities, and uses the joy and therapeutic benefits of live music to improve their quality of life.

Music as therapy is particularly effective for people with memory problems, with research proving that familiar music is better at triggering memories than any other type of sensory stimulation.

Occupational therapist Jaqueline Levitt said, ‘Everyone had a lovely afternoon. The entertainment both engaged and entertained people who use services here at Savile Close Day Centre and provided therapy and fun all in one go!’

Pianist Paul Thompson added, ‘We have visited hospitals in the past and performed for people that haven’t spoken in years. As soon as they hear the music, they sing along. Music is a very powerful thing that can unlock memories and it’s a medium everyone can connect with and enjoy.’

For more information on Music in Hospitals, simply call 01932 260810 or email info@music-in-hospitals.org.uk.

Older people get their toes-a-tapping

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