Ward 18 gets revamped!


Staff and people who use services on Ward 18 at Dewsbury & District Hospital’s Priestly Unit are delighted after the ward received a £400,000 revamp. The ward has been totally redecorated and refurnished with brand new carpets, curtains and furniture in both the communal areas and private bedrooms.

People who use services on the ward now enjoy a social hub right in the centre of the ward, thanks to a new layout. There is also a new ladies-only area which includes a separate shower room and bathroom.

Other features of the new-look ward include a welcoming reception area, a child visiting room, an art and activities room and a modern clinic room. There is now disabled access to one of the garden areas too, not to mention a fully equipped gym with treadmill, exercise bikes and rowing machines!

The improvements to Ward 18 reflect the Trust’s dedication to providing a first rate care environment that is determined by the needs of people who use its services. The new facilities have been developed with people who receive care on the ward in mind to enhance their personal experiences and help them along the road to recovery.

Ward manager Graham Smith said ‘The refurbishment has been a breath of fresh air for both staff and people who use services here. The work that has been carried out has improved the care environment no end and given a real boost to morale. Giving the ward this make-over has shown the people we care for that they are valued and deserve to be treated in high quality surroundings. The gym is a particularly important development. Exercise can have a hugely positive impact on both mental and physical health, as well as being an opportunity for people on the ward to take part in a recreational and sociable activity.’

Ward 18 gets revamped!

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