Looking at life through a lens


Members of the digital photography group at Pathways Day Services in Mirfield have been looking at life in a whole new way. Armed with digital cameras they have been out exploring, capturing their findings on film.

After using computer technology to manipulate and perfect their photographs, the group members’ finished images were too good not to share. So, a special exhibition was held at Pathways to showcase the budding photographers’ work.

The photographs on display at the exhibition were taken during a series of photography activity sessions, which aimed to encourage the group to come together and learn from one another’s interests and skills. Many were taken during day trips to places such as Hawarth Village and Whitby and feature subjects ranging from flowers to shop window displays.

Pathways helps people with mental health problems develop skills and confidence through activities such as computers, art and music. The digital photography group is a unique opportunity for people who use the service to develop two skills simultaneously; photography and computer technology.

Matt Ellis, development worker at Pathways, who facilitates the group said, ‘The group are all beginners to digital photography but they have produced some really beautiful photographs. The photography group here at Pathways is all about seeing life differently. For example, broken glass is often a sign of something negative like vandalism, but through photography it is possible to see something positive and beautiful in it. Sometimes in life it’s hard to see the beauty in things, but photography opens up new possibilities.’

Speaking about his photography, group member John Moss said, ‘I love photography but I never knew if I was any good at it. Taking part in the photography group has made me feel a lot more confident in my abilities and having my work on display for others to see is such a boost. It’s incredibly therapeutic to get out and about and take photographs, like a form of escape from ordinary daily life and I’m thrilled with what I’ve achieved as a result.’

Looking at life through a lens

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