Local trust supporting Carers’ Rights Day 2009


Carers UK’s tenth Carers’ Rights Day will take place this year on Friday 4th December and the South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is supporting a number of events across Wakefield, Kirklees and Calderdale to support, inform and speak up for the UK’s Carers.

The Trust recognises the valuable role carers play in looking after and supporting people with mental health problems and learning disabilities, and believes it is vital to remember the needs of carers as well as the needs of people who use the Trust’s services, and support them as best they can.

As well as running dialogue and support groups for carers, events will be held across the Trust ‘s area to support Carers’ Rights Day to not only highlight the issues carers face, but to celebrate their vital role and let people know what support is available.

One of the events is taking place on Friday 4th December when the Calderdale Carers Project will be meeting at Halifax Central library at 10am to show its support to carers nationwide. Everyone is welcome to speak about their own experiences of caring or to learn more. For more information contact the project on 01422 369101.

For anyone else who would like to hold an event Carers UK will provide support and materials to help however big or small!

Head of inclusion and involvement Phil Walters said: "Carers want the same life chances that other people enjoy – good health, financial security, the right to a family life, work opportunities and the chance to pursue their own interests. Carers’ Rights Day raises awareness among policy makers and professionals and helps carers access the support they deserve." Carers’ Rights Day is an opportunity to provide the information vital to carers and help improve the quality of life for themselves and the people they care for. Over 1 million people experience ill health, poverty and discrimination at work and in society because they are carers. They have no substantial rights which recognise their position and sometimes their most basic human rights are jeopardised. Carers UK campaigns to end this injustice and as a carer-led organisation its campaigns are based on carers’ priorities for change.

It is important that carers new and old know their rights. Each year a further two million people become carers for the first time and they need straightforward and accessible information about their entitlements.

The day guides carers towards practical support, which is vital in maintaining carers’ health and well-being and can help to ensure that they are not isolated and socially excluded.

Carers’ Rights Day 2009 will focus on ensuring that carers get all the financial support they are entitled to now and for their future.

More information on Carers UK and how to get involved with this year’s Carers’ Rights Day can be found online at http://www.Carersuk.org/Newsandcampaigns/CarersRightsDay. To find out about carers groups held by the Trust in the local area call 0800 587 2108.

Local trust supporting Carers’ Rights Day 2009

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