Share your photos to raise awareness of loneliness


The local provider of mental health and learning disability services is inviting people to “take their best shot” to raise awareness of the issue of loneliness and mental health.

The South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, which provides services to the people of Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield, is supporting the Mental Health Foundation’s (MHF) latest campaign to get people talking about mental health and in particular the loneliness they can face as a result.

Loneliness is something we can all experience when we feel isolated from others. It can be hard to admit we’re lonely, but it’s something many of us will experience at one time or another.

We can all develop ways to keep connected and lighten feelings of loneliness. From taking small steps like chatting to neighbours or joining an online network to bigger steps such as joining a local community group, sports or book club.

To raise awareness of the issue of loneliness, the Trust is encouraging people who use its services to share their photos illustrating what they do to stay connected with others with the MHF.

The Mental Health Foundation has created the ‘Stay connected Flickr group’ where entrants’ photos can be added to the slideshow. If you’re not a member of Flickr you will need to sign up, upload your photos and then add them to the group.

People are also reminded about the Trust’s own photo competition that runs in Like minds, a magazine produced entirely in-house by the Trust’s communication team for its 14,000 local people who are Trust members.

Each issue readers are asked to take a photo they think best represents the chosen theme, for example tranquillity. Winning photos are then printed in the next Like minds and may also be used in Trust publications, displayed on the Trust’s website and at a members’ photography exhibition.

Phil Walters, head of inclusion at the Trust, said, "Photography is a powerful, emotive and memorable tool that expresses our thoughts and feelings just as strongly as words. Photographs can help reflect the diverse nature of mental health and we encourage people to take part in this campaign and submit their own photos as it can help raise awareness about the difficulties people with mental health problems face."

To find out more about the campaign visit the Mental Health Foundation website at

For more information about the Trust’s photo competition or for more information about how to become a member contact the membership office at or 01924 327567.

Share your photos to raise awareness of loneliness

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