Art exhibition showcases the talents of ward 18


Local people turned out in force to an exhibition at Batley Library created by people who have mental health problems.

The exhibition showcased the work of patients on ward 18 at Dewsbury and District Hospital. The work was produced during sessions run by activity workers Kelly Sykes, Lee Lister and Sarah Taylor, who work for the South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

The work on display included a range of sculptures from the Terminator’s head and hand, to a large dragon’s head made out of modrock. There were also textile samples, including rag rugs and French knitting, stained glass, paintings and creative writing.

Creative activities help people with mental health problems develop skills and confidence and the exhibition was an excellent opportunity to showcase the talents of people on the ward.

Activity worker Kelly Sykes said, "The group have produced some great results. We are always amazed at the variety and quality of work. We were keen to invited the public to attend the exhibition to open their mind’s eye and see life from a different perspective. The group produce some fantastic art work."

It was hoped the exhibition would plays its part in helping to raise awareness into mental health and tackle stigma surrounding it. Staff on ward 18 have found that having mental health problems doesn’t stop individuals from being creative. Instead they have found it can enhance the appreciation and perception of regular objects and the environment.

Dayne Brown, who takes part in the activities groups, said, "It makes me feel worth living when I can still create something that others can enjoy. It makes me feel like I have a purpose. Taking part in creative work is relaxing and is a good way for me to express myself. "

Art exhibition showcases the talents of ward 18

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