NHS Trust on the look out for local community venues in Calderdale


The South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is on the look out for local community groups and organisations in Calderdale who have venues available for hire.

The Trust, the local provider of mental health and learning disability services in Calderdale, holds many meetings and events each year. When the Trust has to hire a venue rather than using its own it is making a commitment to hold these, whenever possible, in the heart of the local community. This includes ensuring any money the Trust has to pay for hire costs goes back into local community funds – rather than to private companies.

The Trust recognises its responsibility to be a good corporate citizen by putting social, economic and environmental considerations at the heart of its decision making. One of the ways it hopes to do this is by using community venues rather than commercial and private venues – such as hotels and exhibition centres.

The Trust is appealing to local venues to get in touch to make sure their details are recorded in the Trust’s directory of community venues. This directory will then be made available to all Trust staff who book venues for meetings and events. The Trust is keen to hear of any venues it may not already be aware of run by organisations such as places of workshop, youth groups, local associations and voluntary groups.

By using community venues, the Trust will not only be playing a part in sustaining the Calderdale community, but it will also promote the use of accessible venues; giving people more sustainable transport options such as getting the bus or walking to a meeting instead of using a car.

The Trust’s director of corporate development Dawn Stephenson said, "Our Trust is fully committed to being a socially responsible organisation and we are keen to use our purchasing power, influence and resources to help support strong, healthy and sustainable communities. We will use our own venues whenever possible, but by also using community venues we can continue to conduct our business in the very heart of the communities we serve."

"I hope all types of local venues will get in touch with us as we hold many meetings and events throughout the year that vary with their requirements in terms of times, venue type and size. You may run a church hall or a community centre. Or perhaps you’re a scout group with a vacant hut during the day or a playgroup with a spare room – whoever you are, we’d love to hear from you!"

If you’d like to register your local community venue for use by the Trust please contact the inclusion team on 01924 328656 or email inclusion@swyt.nhs.uk.

For more information about the Trust visit www.southwestyorkshire.nhs.uk

NHS Trust on the look out for local community venues in Calderdale

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