First staff lottery draw


The first draw for the staff lottery has taken place with the help of two service users from Newton Lodge.

Dayle and Leon were on hand to push the button to reveal the first three winners of the lottery together with the Trust’s Chair Joyce Catterick and chief executive Steven Michael.

In an attempt to boost the Trust’s charitable funds and to give staff the chance to win a bit of extra money the Trust has set up its own staff lottery. The lottery enables staff to buy a chance to enter a draw and win a cash prize at the same time as boosting the amount of money accessible to the Trust’s charity.

Half of the money collected from the lottery each month will go towards the prize money, while the other half will go to the Trust’s charitable funds. The main lottery prize is £500 but other smaller cash prizes of £100 are also up for grabs.

The Trust’s charitable funds exist to support mental health and learning disability services in Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield. They are not used to fund NHS services, but enable us to provide extras we could not otherwise do.

Both Dayle and Leon have already benefitted from the fund after Newton lodge received money to get more gardening equipment to support horticultural therapy sessions. You can read more about horticultural therapy at the Trust in issue 6 of Like minds.

Steve Uttley, associate director of finance at the Trust, said: "The charitable fund enables the Trust to support many projects big and small. It could be something straight forward such as badminton or art equipment, but they have massive impacts for service users and can have a positive effect on their lives."

While staff are given the chance to win a few extra pounds each month by signing up to the lottery, the charitable funds wins every time. So even if their number isn’t drawn they can be pleased to know £1 from each entry is being put to excellent use and helping people live life to the full.

You can find out more about the staff lottery and charitable funds in the next issue of Like minds.

First staff lottery draw

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