Yorkshire workers encouraged to move more as part of Workout at Work Day


Staff at South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust spent their lunch break away from their workplace and on the dance floor as part of this year’s Workout at Work Day (19th June).

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has warned that office workers in Yorkshire and the Humber are putting their mental and physical health at risk by ‘over working’: spending too much time in front of a screen and using their own time to do extra work.

The additional hours can result in poor posture, particularly from working on smartphones and other mobile devices, which can then lead to both physical and mental health problems.

Workout at Work Day is designed to encourage people to be more physically active in order to combat stress and prevent musculoskeletal disorders like back and neck pain. Staff from South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust took part in a lunchtime Zumba class, working out to dance tracks.

Laura Wharmby, Specialist Physiotherapist for the Trust, said, "Not moving enough during the working day can have serious implications for health. Whilst many people’s jobs may require that they sit for a large proportion of the day, it is vitally important to take scheduled breaks and to move around regularly, whether to the kitchen, another office or department, or purely to stretch your legs.

"Moving away from your desk at lunchtime can have short and long term benefits: doing physical activity – even a 30-minute walk – can help to lift your mood and refresh you for the afternoon; longer term, you’ll be helping to prevent the posture problems and pain that hours sitting in the same position can cause.

"The Zumba class, run by one of our physiotherapy assistants who is also a fitness instructor, was a perfect mix of social and physical activity. You don’t need special equipment, just a clear space, comfortable shoes and enthusiastic colleagues! Lunchtime walking groups or yoga classes are also great for getting the body moving and giving your head a break from work too."

Yorkshire workers encouraged to move more as part of Workout at Work Day

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