Stop smoking service on the road with the ‘Don’t go cold turkey campaign’


The Wakefield stop smoking service has joined forces with pharmaceutical firm Pfizer to help local people find the most effective way to stop smoking this New Year.

Research shows two thirds of UK smokers, the equivalent of six million people, will try and quit in January but half will have failed within just one week. Most people will try to quit smoking by going ‘cold turkey’ – trying to give up immediately using willpower alone, however, research suggests you are up to four times more likely to quit if you get support and use products.

The research, commissioned by Pfizer to launch its ‘Don’t Go Cold Turkey awareness campaign’, revealed that one in five have opted to cut back on the amount of cigarettes they smoke in a bid to combat their addiction.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of local stop smoking services and the wide range of nicotine replacement and medications available to help people quit and remind people that there is lots of support available for when they decide to quit.

Visit the stop smoking service at Trinity Walk in Wakefield on Thursday 29th November to find out what help is available to you so you don’t have to do it alone.

Pippa Lloyd, Stop Smoking Specialist with the Wakefield Stop Smoking Service, said, “We all know smoking is bad for our health, not to mention our bank balance, but it can be hard to get your head around quitting. You’re much more likely to quit smoking for good if you use NHS stop smoking services and as soon as you stop, you’ll feel so much healthier! No matter how old you are, it’s never too late.

If you want to stop smoking, just call in at your local NHS stop smoking clinic where you will get support and access to nicotine replacement products or stop smoking medication.”

The Wakefield stop smoking service is part of the local health improvement service, which is provided by the South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. The team offers free, friendly and non-judgmental support to people throughout their quit attempt. If you live in Wakefield, visit the The Quit Shop drop-in clinic located at the bottom of Northgate which is open Tuesday – Saturday 9.30-4pm (Appointments only on Wednesdays 7:30am – 7pm).

If would like to know more about this free service please contact the Wakefield Stop Smoking Service on 01977 465449.

Stop smoking service on the road with the ‘Don’t go cold turkey campaign’

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