Art brightening up Dewsbury wards


Following the renovation of the Priestley Unit at Dewsbury and District Hospital a project group was set up to produce artwork to add a splash of colour to the walls.

The Priestley Unit includes adult acute and older peoples services. It was important for the group to have representation from all areas including service users, carers and staff. Through the activities programme on Ward 18 some amazing and inspirational work has been created through a variety of different methods including media, photography, painting, drawing and woodwork.

Staff and service users on the wards worked with partner organisations to get support with different aspects of the work, including Pathways in Mirfield who helped creating a woodwork piece that will be placed in the communal lounge. A team from Calderdale Inclusion Support Services, which has received Creative Minds funding, also helped to create bespoke frames for each piece of work.

Kelly Sykes, activities worker on Ward 18 said, “Artwork can change the look and feel of a building; it has the power to impact on people’s mood and how they feel. When a building has been refurbished and is left with magnolia walls it either remains plain or it can be used as a blank canvas to allow creativity to flow.

Creating the artwork for the project has allowed service users to build on new art making skills, improve communications skills and build confidence and self esteem. The project has turned the blank canvas into a colourful, vibrant and exciting backdrop.”

Art brightening up Dewsbury wards

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