Our new visual identity and how you can help!


Our visual identity (how our printed and digital materials look) is going to be changing.

In the meantime, we need your help.

Our well-known strapline ‘with all of us in mind’ is staying – with the emphasis on ‘all of us’.

It reflects our inclusive and diverse organisation.

Our new identity will visually reflect this inclusivity, which is why we want as many people as possible to get involved.

How you can help

Just grab a paintbrush and some paint. Any type of paint, any colour. Paint a simple brushstroke across the paper and that’s it!

We want our staff, service users, carers and partners to paint us a brushstroke. Anyone can contribute.

We’ve already got you started with a template.

All the brushstrokes will then be scanned in and used to form part of our new visual identity.

Why a brushstroke?

A brushstroke is unique. Each one will be as unique as the individual who created it. It’s something that everyone can get involved in.

Each brushstroke will represent an individual, but joined together as a pattern, it will represent many minds as one. All of us.

Send us yours!

After you’ve painted a brushstroke for us, you can either return it to one of our main receptions, or to Edward Connolly, Block 10, Fieldhead, Ouchthorpe Lane, Wakefield, WF1 3SP.

Names are optional but we do ask if you could include how you’re connected to the Trust. Are you a member of staff? A service user? A carer? A partner?

We need your brushstrokes by Thursday 28 April please so grab your brushes and start painting!


Our new visual identity and how you can help!

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