Reminisce pods at the Poplars



Service users at the Poplars unit in  Wakefield are benefiting from a good dose of nostalgia.

The Poplars community unit for the elderly is a 15 bed mixed sex assessment unit purposely built for people over the age of 65 with memory problems. It also sees people under the age of 65 who have been diagnosed with dementia. The team specialises in helping people who have challenging behaviour due to their cognitive impairment (ability to think and remember). Admissions to the service can range from voluntary admission to individuals detained under the Mental Health Act.

The pods are pop up reminiscence rooms and work by turning any care space into a therapeutic and calming environment. Without any need for decoration they simply pop up or down, when needed.

The Poplars purchased a vintage tea room wallpaper backing as well as a vintage radio. Further smaller details were added including a vase with flowers, china tea cups and saucers and traditional table cloth. This is then set up on a weekly basis (Thursday afternoon) and it is used as the main backdrop for a tea dance. There is background music playing from a range of era’s and refreshments are provided including treats made in the Thursday morning baking group.

Deborah Peel, team manager, said: “Reminiscence is the process of recalling past events and experiences. It is used as a beneficial therapeutic tool in working with individuals with dementia. It can create positive emotions and can stimulate memories.  This helps people maintain their identity.  It also helps staff communicate with individuals which can support person centred care plans. Communication can also increase individual’s confidence levels and has a positive impact on wellbeing.”

Reminisce pods at the Poplars

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